Distractions When Driving

Multi-tasking when driving is never a good idea and can lead to distractions being caused. Should you be distracted whilst driving it could lead to an offence of driving without due care and attention or even the more serious offence of dangerous driving.

Loud music and singing

If you are guilty of allowing the decibels to reach an ear popping level whilst driving or like nothing better than a fist pump when behind the wheel you might want to take note of this.

Should the level of music be deemed so loud that it is a distraction to a reasonable driver you could be considered to have allowed the standard of your driving fall below that of a competent and careful driver. This could land you in hot water and see you receive a fine and 3-9 penalty points for careless driving or an automatic 1 year ban for dangerous driving.

Another growing issue is the use of airpods behind the wheel. You may want to argue that wearing the wireless pods is no different to having music blaring through the speakers of your car. However, we don’t fancy your chances in court if the sounds or actions you miss or misjudge could have been spotted had you not been in your own musical world when behind the wheel.

Our advice is to keep the music to a reasonable level and leave the airpods in their charging case when behind the wheel to avoid any unnecessary driving headaches after rocking out behind the wheel.


Having a passenger travel with you on a long journey can be a blessing to break up the boredom. However, passengers’ actions can also be the cause of a prosecution. Whether it is due to them being a chatter box or because an almighty argument has erupted with them, it is very common for a passenger to be responsible for distracting the person behind the wheel.

Driving may seem automatic to some of the more experienced of drivers out there but when you think about the skill and care needed to properly assess all of the variables when on the road, any distraction could prove dangerous and have serious consequences.  If your ear is being bent by a passenger or you are at loggerheads with them this could lead to mistakes which in turn could amount to an offence of careless or dangerous driving.

Little passengers can also be a big distraction. Any parent behind the wheel coping with a child in the midst of a tantrum will know how dangerous this is. Our advice is therefore to pull over safely as soon as any distraction arises.

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