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I was involved in a motorbike accident where I was a pedestrian and the rider was going fast and did not see me. I was hit and laid injured on the floor when the rider rode off to avoid being caught. His license number was noted down by someone and he was arrested that evening. I was recommended a solicitors whom held onto my file from April 2013 until January 2016. I was unhappy with the way they handled my claim, no communication, no updates, barely any compensation and unprofessional dealing. I then came across JS Millers online in January 2016 and Anthony Wardle took on my case reassuring me that he would do his best to deal with my claim despite only having 2 months left until limitation period was due to end. I am very grateful he did. As my claim has now been settled in less than 3 months.

I will definitely be recommending JS Millers to friends, family or colleagues who may require legal advice or support.

Ms Anonymous
Pedestrian Accident

My case was against the NW Ambulance Service which occurred on the hospital premises. As I was leaving the premises after completing my shift the ambulance driver mounted the pavement and struck me in my back. On the whole, I felt my case was handled very well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anthony and all the staff at JS Millers for all your hard work and commitment in achieving a successful outcome for me. I am very grateful to you all.

Miss M L
Serious Injury, Road Traffic Accident

I was involved in a serious car accident on 24 August 2011. Despite the legal expenses insurers of the driver trying to get me to use their solicitors, I called JS Miller Solicitors who were extremely professional and understanding. I was updated regularly and delighted when I got my final figure for settlement. I would like to thank in particular Jeanette and Georgina Coppenhall for their services, this is definitely a firm I highly recommend.

Rebekah Choudhury
Serious Injury, Road Traffic Accident

After becoming thoroughly disillusioned by the inactivity and no communication by Claims Lawyers that I was referred to at the time of my accident, I searched for recommendations and found your firm had many very positive comments from those who had been the innocent party in road accidents. After I sought your help, there was action that continued to a satisfactory outcome within an expected time scale.

What client liked about our business?

Friendly, clear and regular communication using modern cliché:- ‘You did exactly what it says on the label.’

Would client recommend us to others?

Very happy to do so. If an opportunity arises, I have your details.

P. De-Ville
Road Traffic Accident
Stafford, UK

My son was involved in a road traffic collision where he was reversed into by a car whilst sat on the pavement. As a result of the collision he sustained leg and ankle injuries which took approximately 2.5 years to heal. During the process, JS Miller Solicitors represented us by collating evidence e.g. medical reports in order to enable us to claim for my son’s injuries.

Throughout the process they conducted themselves in a very professional way, ensuring that my son had a very strong case. As a result of this, my son was awarded damages for his injuries.

I would like to thank JS Miller Solicitors for their assistance.

Mr J Thomas
Road Traffic Accident