“Our Mission is simple. We recognise the need for specialist legal acumen for the most serious motoring prosecutions and high value litigation. We care deeply about supporting our clients through the often traumatic experience of a criminal prosecution or pursuing/defending a high value civil dispute. From the outset, we offer straightforward and comprehensive guidance, advice, information and often unique case strategy to achieve outstanding results. Like many solicitors, we are professional and expert at what we do. However, if you are looking for a team to “live the case” with you, inform you promptly of every development and be available when you need us, this is what you will find with the JS Miller team.”

JEANETTE MILLER – Managing Director

About JS Miller Solicitors

JS Miller Solicitors (a firm) was founded by Jeanette Miller, Managing Director, also known as “Miss Justice” in 2001. In 2018 JS Miller Solicitors became a trading name of Jeanette Miller Law Limited. The company also trades as Geoffrey Miller Solicitors known for being a market leader in motoring law crime.

Recognising the need for bespoke considerations in more serious motoring law prosecutions, such as causing death by dangerous driving, clients facing serious motoring prosecution are represented by our specialist JS Miller team.

The high value litigation work we cover ranges from claimant and defence personal-injury, clinical negligence, and insurance dispute cases. These cases often stems from the motoring law work that we do particularly in relation to insurance disputes following an alleged crime where we have been successful in securing our client’s acquittal to all charges. Please read on to discover some of our most notable cases to date…. Read More