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Any personal injury accident is traumatic. However, when the symptoms and consequences of a significant injury are likely to be long-lasting, this creates an added sense of injustice.

We recognise that our clients choose us because they do not want to be “just another number” in an already busy solicitor’s heavy caseload. They want to feel like they matter. With that in mind, we deliver a very personal and proactive approach to our relationship with you.  We are with you through every step of the case to explain our intended strategy and the likely developments to expect before we are able to conclude the case.

We are extremely selective and handpick our personal injury client cases so that we are only working with clients we know we can help and achieve, often very different, objectives.

We understand that it is vital that a seriously injured client is assessed as soon as possible to find out what treatment or therapy you need to get on your way to recovery or if a full recovery cannot be made to get you as comfortable as you can be as soon as can be. We will always try to work with you and the other side to establish a suitable rehabilitation program for you as soon as possible. We also understand that on top of dealing with a life changing injury, making an injury claim can be daunting and whilst our professional rules clearly state that you are our client, we are happy to be flexible and discuss your claim with friends or family members you ask us to if it helps. We will also visit you in hospital or at home to discuss your claim whenever you need us to.

The nature of claims for serious injuries means that they often take considerable time to resolve. It is important for us to understand exactly how you will be affected before we enter into final settlement negotiations of your claim. You will be assessed by trained medical consultants with the necessary expertise for your injury and if you have suffered several injuries this could mean you will see a number of experts during your claim. Their priority will be to assess you and establish the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Early Interim Payment

In cases where liability (fault) has been agreed we will always seek to obtain interim payments at the early stages of the claim because we understand that in addition to dealing with the pain of a serious injury this is made much worse by having to deal with the financial repercussions of not begin able to work and losing your income or having to pay out for services you previously dealt with yourself such as cleaning, diy or childcare.

We cater for all manner of serious injury claims including the injuries listed below:

  • Limb Amputation;
  • Loss of sight, hearing, taste, smell;
  • Brain Injury;
  • Partial or total paralysis;
  • PTSD ; and
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome

Outlined below are some examples of the high value cases in which we are proud to have played a part in achieving a successful outcome.

David Conway - Catastrophic Motorbike Accident

In 2009 our client,  David Conway,  was proceeding along a main road when a car turned right across his path. David crashed into the side of the vehicle suffering severe injuries. The other driver alleged that Mr Conway had been travelling at excessive speed and that the accident was his fault.

The Police investigated and charged our client with driving without due care and attention. In support of this allegation they relied upon 7 witnesses who had not seen the accident but had heard a bike which sounded like it was travelling at high speed. No charges were brought against the driver of the vehicle which had turned across our client’s path. A successful criminal prosecution would have been a serious blow to the prospects of a successful claim for personal injury as the burden of proof in criminal proceedings is higher than in a civil claim and the other driver’s insurer sought to put the matter on hold until the outcome of the criminal case.

This is a common scenario in motorcycle accidents where claims are defended on the basis that the motorcyclist was speeding and it is not unusual for witnesses to give unreliable evidence as to speed.

We referred our client to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors (our sister practice, specialising in criminal motor defence) who successfully defended the criminal charges against him.

Following the successful defence to the motoring prosecution, we set to work on progressing the claim for compensation which had been at a standstill whilst the criminal case was ongoing.

We went on to  show that Mr Conway was driving a bike with a modified sports exhaust that made his bike sound louder and faster and obtained engineering evidence showing that his speed could not have been at the levels claimed. On consideration of this evidence the other side conceded primary liability.

In addition to arranging intensive Physiotherapy treatment to assist in Mr Conway’s recovery, an eventual settlement was achieved for an undisclosed sum that provide Mr Conway and his family the financial security he lost when injured in the accident.

Mr Duncan Boulton – Serious injury caused at work

“Following an accident at work which was not my fault I felt I should make a claim for the injury I suffered. A friend recommended J S Miller solicitors,  he explained that the staff were friendly and professional and he was happy with the outcome of his case. If I had not received this personal recommendation I would have looked for a company that  showed interest in their clients and could demonstrate successful outcomes in their cases.

I took my friend’s advice and contacted JS Millers. At the first point of contact the receptionist was helpful and friendly. I gave a description of my claim and a face to face interview was promptly arranged.

I met with Jeanette Miller and was impressed by her professional and courteous manner. She explained clearly the process involved with making my claim and she felt that I had a solid case. During the claim process I was informed of progress on a regular basis and was able to phone the office at any time to clarify anything I was unsure of. Nothing was too much trouble and I was very pleased with the advice I was given.

My claim was successful and I am very pleased with the settlement I received and all the work that JS Millers did on my behalf. I can personally recommend JS Millers to anyone who has had an accident and would like to claim compensation for their injury.”

Mr Duncan Boulton

Stress Claim – Mr H Arora

“I was recommended to JS Miller Solicitors by another law firm who were under the impression that my Personal Injury (stress-related) claim did not have a high enough success rate, and they were therefore unable to take it on. JS Miller Solicitors however, studied my case carefully, looked at my substantiating documentary evidence, met up with me and ascertained that the case did indeed stand a good chance of winning, and did indeed have a sufficiently high success rate. They therefore took on the case on a Conditional Fee Agreement (i.e. no-win, no-fee basis) and subsequently won me my case against the Local Authority”.

Mr H Arora

Miss M L

“My case was against the NW Ambulance Service which occurred on the hospital premises. As I was leaving the premises after completing my shift the ambulance driver mounted the pavement and struck me in my back. On the whole, I felt my case was handled very well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at JS Millers for all your hard work and commitment in achieving a successful outcome for me. I am very grateful to you all.”

Miss M L, Lancashire

Schoolgirl Finger Amputation

We were able to successfully pursue a claim several years after an accident when our client lost her finger in an accident when at school.

Many other solicitors had turned her away due to the length of time that had elapsed since the accident but we were not phased by this and went on to recover compensation in excess of £50,000 for the client.

Pedestrian RTA

In 2019 we were successful in pursuing a claim for an innocent pedestrian who was injured when a motorist ploughed into her at speed. The client suffered a head injury, facial injuries and psychological injuries. A significant settlement was achieved at a very early stage in the case.

Accident at Work - SC

LT had been employed as a panel beater. He had been carrying out his duties of employment, working on the underside of a vehicle whilst laying on the floor of a work bay, when a colleague, who was in the process of moving a vehicle out of the paint shop area, had reversed over his left foot and ankle and had subsequently caused the vehicle to come to a stop whilst resting on his left foot. As a result of the accident, he sustained injuries and losses and had subsequently sought legal advice.

The case was taken over from another solicitor when SC became disillusioned by the lack of progress and updates he received. We went on to issue court action and eventually we were able to arrange a joint settlement meeting, where a settlement in the sum of £175,000 was reached with the Defendant.

Passenger RTA involving a fatality

Our client was injured in an accident abroad where her husband, the driver, was killed.

Any case that involves a fatality is fraught with emotion but when the parties are related and the claim entails levying blame towards the deceased this can present additional challenges to the claimant.

Thankfully we were able to sensitively pursue this case towards a settlement without the need for a trial as liability was admitted.

Road Rage Incident

We were instructed by a client who was the victim of a deliberate collision caused by a disgruntled neighbour who rammed her car at our client causing significant injuries.

Bricklayer with ACL injury

Our client suffered a knee injury following a tripping accident. He required expensive ACL surgery and was unable to work for months. His claim incorporated the damages for his injuries but also for all rehabilitation and private treatment needed to get him back to full fitness.