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When involved in an incident that could give rise to a serious prosecution, we recognise you need your legal team to understand the severity of the consequences you could face. Our dedicated team of serious motoring prosecution experts will be on hand to support and guide you through the legal minefield from start to finish. Our input could be the difference between a lengthy court case or the magic words “no further action” and so we recommend you get in touch even before the police make a decision concerning charge.


We have developed a number of agreed fee packages to suit most budgets and are able to investigate the potential for legal expenses cover should this be available.

Legal Aid Warning

However, we are unable to offer legal aid funding for our services. Whilst legal aid could avoid the need to finance a case, it is not always in a defendant’s best interests to opt for a legal aid lawyer. Legal aid constraints can mean that strategy and forensic expert investigations are curtailed by the authorisation process and commercially unacceptable budgeting restrictions.

The best example of this is a case we were involved in where our client had the benefit of legal aid before choosing to transfer his defence to the team at JS Miller Solicitors. The anonymous client was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving. His case involved a complex defence of “non-insane automatism” linked to a pre-existing medical condition. Having initially instructed a Legal Aid lawyer and losing faith in their abilities and methods of working, he chose to transfer his defence to the team at JS Miller Solicitors.

We instructed a forensic medical expert to review all of the evidence and our client’s medical history and served a positive report which supported our defence. On the day of trial the Crown, who had not instructed an expert of their own until the eleventh hour and whose expert essentially agreed with ours, offered no evidence. In other words, the case was won before the trial even got underway. There is no doubt that this result simply could not have been achieved had the client continued with his originally appointed legal aid defence team. He may well have saved considerable funds, but at the likely cost of his liberty and livelihood.


On the pages of this site you will find basic information concerning the main serious motoring offences that we deal with:

Causing Death by Careless Driving
Causing Death by Careless Driving When Under the Influence of Drink or Drugs
Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Driving
Causing Death by Dangerous Driving
Wanton and Furious Driving
Causing Death By Driving While Unlicensed, Disqualified or Uninsured
Perverting the Course of Justice

Our sister firm, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, deals with more mainstream motoring law cases such as drink driving and speeding.

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