“Miss Justice”

Jeanette Miller founded JS Miller Solicitors in 2001, leading the team with the ethos of excellent client service from day one. Just like Kevin Costner, in the famous film “Field of Dreams”, she was branded as either brave or crazy when without any clients at all, she opened the doors of the firm believing the clients would come to her. Perhaps not so crazy at all, when over a decade later we have built a strong reputation within the personal injury industry for being lawyers with a high sense of integrity and honesty and a passion to simply help people who have been struck with misfortune or endured an injustice for which they need support.

Eric Shannon, may he rest in peace, one of the firm’s early clients.

A classic example of the clientelle we strive to support at JS Miller Solicitors is our late client, Mr Shannon. Pictured here with Jeanette, holding his long awaited settlement cheque, Mr Shannon sustained a head injury after he had tripped outside his local British Legion. However, the insurers for the Legion denied liability for the accident over several years. We were eventually able to prove that witnesses supporting the Legion’s version of events had falsified evidence and actually moved Mr Shannon so that he was found on the ground away from the Legion’s property!

Where did the name “Miss Justice” come from?

Aside from the work we have done in helping accident victims receive justice and compensation for what they have been through, Jeanette also became involved in another niche area of law in 2005 when her father, also a lawyer was struck down unexpectedly by a serious stroke. Geoffrey was the principal of another law firm specialising in motoring offences and when he was hospitalised, Jeanette took over his firm alongside JS Miller Solicitors.

Applying the principles she had instilled in her own firm, she went on to expand her father’s practice so that Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are now recognised as the premier motoring law firm in the UK.

In 2009/10, Jeanette lead a campaign to preserve fairness for motorists in recovering their legal costs if they were found to be Not Guilty at court. Following this successful campaign, Jeanette was presenting a talk to a group of law students and was introduced to the group of hopeful legal eagles not as “Miss Loophole” but as “Miss Justice!”

This title has been gladly used by Jeanette ever since as it represents the core objective of what she and her team seeks to achieve for each and every client of the firm.

If you wish to discuss your claim with “Miss Justice” herself, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Jeanette is usually available to speak to prospective clients directly and she can guide you through the various options we can offer to help you.

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