If you are involved in a car accident and a claim is made against you it is likely that your insurers will arrange for solicitors to defend your claim on your behalf. But what if you receive a letter in the post making a claim against you where you do not have insurance and you are uninsured, or worse, what if court proceedings are started against you?

If a personal injury claim is made against you, damages and costs will normally amount to at least several thousand pounds and in certain circumstances may be significantly more. These are significant sums for most people and litigation is a difficult field for the lay person to navigate successfully.

We are experts in defending personal injury claims and will be able to assist you reducing the cost, stress and time that a claim against you can cause.

There are a number of fundamental questions which you will inevitably have to ask yourself and, even with the internet at your fingertips, you are unlikely to have access to the resources needed to respond.

1. Am I liable?

This can be a difficult question to answer as it is likely to be determined by a mixture of legislation and case law which may contain complex issues. We are able to provide early advice as to whether a claim against you should be admitted or defended.

If a claim is defended successfully you will be able to avoid paying any damages to the Claimant. Depending on the stage the matter reaches you may also be able to recover our fees from the other side. If instructed by you we are able to take over Defence of the claim on your behalf and obtain the best possible result.

However, even with our expertise not all claims can be successfully defended. Where a defence would have poor prospects of success we can identify this at an early stage and significantly reduce costs by taking liability out of the dispute.

2. How much is the claim against me worth?

Even with the involvement of experts not all claims can be successfully defended. If a claim against you is likely to be successful we can get involved to minimise the amount of compensation you may have to pay. Unless you have some experience of this complex legal area, you will probably have no idea about how to value a broken arm or a dog bite.

We are able to negotiate appropriate settlements based on the historical awards for similar injuries. We can also give you early notice of the value of the claim against you to enable you to prepare.

When Might I Need You?

Below are examples of the types of personal injury claims which are regularly made against private individuals:

  1. Animals Act 1971 – Under this act the keeper of an animal is responsible for act of that animal. If your dog should bite someone or your horse throw or kick out injury is likely and you may find a claim made against you.
  2. Cyclists – Just as a car driver may be held liable for accidents in which they are involved a cyclist can be held liable for an accident caused by their negligence. If you are a cyclist involved in an accident with another cyclist or pedestrian we can assist in defending or negotiating a claim brought against you.
  3. Occupiers’ Liability – If you own property you are potentially liable for any accidents which take place on that property. Some private home insurance policies do include public liability insurance but not all and if an accident occurs on your property (for example a house guest falling down faulty stairs) you may find yourself the subject of a claim.

These are just a few of the types of claim that we have experience of negotiating/defending.

What Next?

If you want a team of caring and professional lawyers to achieve justice and support you in defending a claim brought against you then call us now on or send us an email. Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office or home  visits for clients all over the UK.

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