Cycling Accident Claims

After pedestrians, cyclists are probably the most vulnerable of road users. Often caught out by riding in the blind spot of the motorist, cyclists can frequently suffer catastrophic injuries that, according to road safety campaigners, could have been avoidable by helmet use. The team at JS Miller have dealt with many cycling accident claims over the years.

Serious Cycling Injury

A particularly horrific case involved a Siberian gymnast working with the Moscow State Circus who was crushed under the wheels of an articulated lorry. Valery Vankov suffered serious injuries after a lorry turned into his path and dragged him under its wheels. Despite motoring and civil law being very much in favour of cyclists, we faced an uphill struggle in getting the lorry driver’s insurers to accept liability. Then, once primary liability was eventually proven to rest with the lorry driver, Valery returned to Russia. We were able to conduct the case to an eventual settlement which meant Valery could rebuild his life.

Car Door Opening Onto Cyclist

A common accident cyclists have to learn to avoid and endure is caused by passengers and drivers of cars opening their doors onto them as they approach. Our client, Tony Poole, was unfortunately knocked from his bike when a postal worker opened her door onto him. We helped Tony pursue his claim for a nasty facial injury. Tony said of his experience of the service we provided:

“Jeanette dealt with my claim in a very proffessional manner and also with expert advice. Once I had completed the claim forms Jeanette and her team dealt with the rest of the claim without any further input required from myself. Quick and easy. This is how it should be done”

So, What’s Next?

We have a team of caring professional personal injury solicitors ready to speak to you.

Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office, home or hospital visits for clients all over the UK. Subject to level of injury suffered.

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