Bus Accident Claims

You would think that if you are a passenger on a bus when it is involved in an accident your bus accident claims will be an open and shut case. However, when claiming for injury compensation following a crash on the bus, you will probably be asked for a number of items of proof of being on the bus before your claim for compensation succeeds.

Proof of purchase

Many bus companies have been the subject of fraudulent claims over the years. Someone with no scruples sees a bus after a collision and then later claims to have been on it and injured so as to make a few quick bucks! So now, if your claim is against the bus driver, it is highly likely that the bus company or its insurers will want to see proof of purchase of a bus ticket, a bus pass and a photo of you before they will consider agreeing to settle your claim.

After most bus collisions, the bus driver will make sure they take the details of all of his or her passengers for this same reason.

Don’t worry if you do not have proof of your ticket as we are able to overcome this evidential hurdle with other evidence but in case you may still have your bus ticket we strongly suggest you go and find it if you can. It is also worth contacting the bus company to ask that they record your details for future reference.

Aside from proving you were on the bus, the claim for compensation should relatively straightforward and will follow the same process as ordinary road traffic accident claims.

You Are Injured But There Was No Bus Crash

We have dealt with many claims for bus passengers who have suffered injury whilst on a bus but where there was also no bus crash. Due to the nature of this form of public transport, passengers often have to move about the bus while it is moving.  A driver can be held liable for injuries caused to its passengers if the manner of its driving results in passengers being injured during the bus journey.

So if a driver moves off too quickly as you are still walking to your seat and you fall and injure yourself or if they have to perform an emergency stop to avoid a crash but the reason they needed to brake so sharply was because they were traveling too fast, it is likely we can help you to pursue a personal injury claim against the bus company.

So, What’s Next?

We have a team of caring professional personal injury solicitors ready to speak to you.

Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office, home or hospital visits for clients all over the UK. Subject to level of injury suffered.

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