Rejected by Another Firm?

Many personal injury solicitors are not prepared to take on risky cases, particularly as the “No Win No Fee” culture means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid a bean if they lose your claim.

At JS Miller Solicitors, we have a longstanding history of helping clients who have either been rejected by another firm or have had a lawyer acting for them but they have been advised midway through a claim that they cannot take it further on a “No win, no fee” basis because the chances of success are reduced.

We are prepared to give a free of charge second opinion to anyone with a personal injury case you wish to pursue where your lawyers have told you they are not prepared to take it further.

You may not have been told that your case is no good but you may be losing confidence in your current lawyers. At JS Miller Solicitors, we are strong believers in trusting your “gut instincts.” If you feel your legal team are not providing the service you want or they don’t fully understand the issues in your case, then let us give you our views on how we can help.

Transferring your case to us is likely to change the outcome of your case and mean we go on to win your case where your previous lawyers were ready to give up or we recover a significantly higher amount in compensation for you than would have been the case if you stayed with your first choice of legal team.

Please note that the way personal injury claims are funded will change from 01/04/2013. From this date success fees and after the event insurance premiums are no longer recoverable from the Defendant if the claim is successful and are payable by the Claimant from their damages.If you have been injured in an accident and wish to make a claim and do not want to have to pay up to 25% of your damages in success fees please contact us immediately.

Please be aware because of the bank holiday we will not be able to obtain insurance or take claims under the old regime (i.e. where no deductions are made from your damages) after 12pm on 28/03/2013

We take care of the headaches involved in transferring your case to us so don’t worry about informing your present solicitors about your decision to move your case to the JS Miller team.





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