Weird Personal Injury Claims

JS Miller Solicitors are renowned for our fearless approach to pursuing all kinds of weird personal injury claims. We are so confident in our ability to win cases that we will even take over claims from other firms who have given up on their clients.

There are many claims that we have successfully pursued over the years that do not fit into any particular category on this site. If you have a personal injury claim that you are not sure can be pursued as it is not a run of the mill road traffic claim or a work accident case, then we are the firm to help you.

Some of our more strange personal injury claims are outlined in more detail on our blog.

Other cases that don’t really fit into any standard tripping accident claim accident at work claim or any other category of personal injury claim  include the highly publicised case of a client who was wrongly locked up by police for non-payment of a speeding fine he had already paid.

Another unusual claim we successfully pursued was one of the very first cases in the history of JS Miller Solicitors. The claim was brought by Charlotte Gowers, a client who had the most unfortunate experience of being in a clothes shop when the ceiling simply collapsed on top of her!

We think our desire to always think outside of the box attracts these outside of the box cases to us. We are always happy to speak to a client who wants help with any legal question, and to help steer you towards the solution, even if it means we won’t gain anything from your case ourselves.

So, What’s Next?

We have a team of caring professional personal injury solicitors ready to speak to you.

Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office, home or hospital visits for clients all over the UK. Subject to level of injury suffered.

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