Farming Accident Claims

It is worrying when considering the statistics, how many deaths, serious injuries and other injuries there are as a result of farming accidents. According to the statistics 1 person per day is killed as a result of farming accidents. If you have lost a loved one as a result of a farming accident, please see our page about fatal accidents to see how we can help you.

Causes of farming accidents are diverse from being injured by defective machinery, road traffic accidents caused by tractors or loose cattle, falls or being attacked by cows.

Near Decapitation By Baling Twine!

One of our more unusual farming accidents involved a client who was saved from near decapitation but suffered a serious back injury. He was riding his prized motorbike down a country lane when a young and inexperienced farm hand had stupidly used baling twine to guide cows across the road. He had forgotten to go back to the post he had attached it to and remove it once the cows were all safely across the road.

Our client was thankfully, thrown off his bike rather than decapitated and the force of the impact caused the wooden post to which the baling twine had been attached to be ripped out of the ground saving our client’s life.

We went on to pursue his claim for personal injuries successfully. JS Miller Solicitors are specialists in farming accident claims, call us today for some free expert advice.

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