Fairground Accident Claims

Fairgrounds and amusement parks are some of the most popular day-trip and holiday destinations amongst British families. You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to enjoy rollercoasters, log flumes and other white knuckle rides with many parks now targeting holidaymakers of all ages and tastes.

Part of the allure held by these attractions is the inherent danger associated with riding on a fast moving and unpredictable machine. However, whilst most amusement rides will seem dangerous and appear unpredictable, in reality the truth is far from the case. Most fairground rides are carefully constructed feats of engineering which perform within strictly monitored and stringently enforced standards of safety. The correctly maintained amusement ride will be able to operate safely as long as regular maintenance is carried out and as long as those enjoying the ride abide by the health and safety rules enforced by the ride’s trained operators.

However, despite these measures, fairground accidents do sadly occur. Whilst relatively infrequent, accidents involving fairground attractions can often be very serious and are occasionally fatal. Fairgrounds and Amusement parks operating in the United Kingdom are obliged to abide by the Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: Guidance on Safe Practice and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. In addition to this many local councils require travelling fairgrounds to apply for licences and submit to health and safety inspections before they are granted the permission to open their doors to the general public.

All rollercoasters must be submitted to daily checks, annual detailed inspections, regular maintenance, supervision by trained attendants and a process of passenger containment (such as safety bars or harnesses).

A failure to adhere to any of these provisions would undoubtedly indicate negligence where that lack of compliance could be said to have directly caused the injury of a passenger or a member of staff.

The owners and operators of all amusement parks and fairgrounds owe a duty of care to all of their customers. Part of this duty of care is ensuring that the attractions they seek to profit form are operated safely and maintained to a high standard.  If you have suffered an injury whilst riding a rollercoaster which malfunctioned or a ride which was not properly kept in order then it is likely that you will be entitled to compensation to reflect the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have suffered.

At JS Miller Solicitors we have experience of dealing with fairground accident claims and if you have suffered an injury at a fairground or an amusement park our team will be able to arrange any rehabilitative care you may need whilst also seeking the compensation you are entitled to by law.

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