Burn Injury Claims

Burn injury claims are renowned by personal injury solicitors for being the most painful of injuries. Guidance issued by judges about the valuation of burn injuries states: 

“Burns of any degree of severity are particularly painful and disfiguring, and awards are invariably at the upper ends of the brackets, or above them altogether. The very worst burns may lead not only to considerable disfigurement and pain but to a variety of continuing physical and psychological injuries meriting very high awards.” JSB Guidelines (10th Edition)

We understand the horrors experienced by clients who have suffered a burn injury. Victims often endure years of painful revisional plastic surgery treatment. One of our more high profile burn injury cases lead to one of the biggest Health and Safety Fines at that time when brewery, J W Lees were ordered to pay a £20,000 fine when they were prosecuted following the workplace accident involving our client, Bradley Whitehead.

When he was only 16 years old, working as a glass collector in a pub, he was instructed to carry out a deep clean of the pub’s kitchens. He fell off a set of ladders and his arm went into a deep fat fryer causing him serious burn injuries to his hand and arm.

After the criminal prosecution of his employers, we went on to successfully claim in the civil courts and recovered a sizeable amount for Bradley.

However, we know that no amount of money will ever make up for the pain a burn injury victim goes through and must often live with for many years after a claim is concluded. We see it as our job to support our clients throughout the claim process, ensuring appropriate treatment is efficiently organised and maximising your compensation payout.

So, What’s Next?

We have a team of caring professional personal injury solicitors ready to speak to you.

Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office, home or hospital visits for clients all over the UK. Subject to level of injury suffered.

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