Bakery Accident Claims

Who would have thought that working in a bakery would be a hazardous occupation? If you work in a large bakery, however, lifting and move heavy machinery is a daily requirement that comes with a risk of injury. If your bakery employers do not take sufficient steps to guard against those risks, it is likely you will have the right to claim compensation.

All employers are required to ensure a safe system of work and this extends to the place you work and equipment provided to you to use.

We have extensive experience of working with employees in the baking industry. Their injuries caused through no fault of their own, either by slipping on spilled ingredients; lifting equipment or using defective equipment during the course of their working day.

If you have had a bakery accident and need a bakery accident claims solicitor then call JS Miller Solicitors on .

Please note that the way personal injury claims are funded will change from 01/04/2013. From this date success fees and after the event insurance premiums are no longer recoverable from the Defendant if the claim is successful and are payable by the Claimant from their damages.If you have been injured in an accident and wish to make a claim and do not want to have to pay up to 25% of your damages in success fees please contact us immediately.

Please be aware because of the bank holiday we will not be able to obtain insurance or take claims under the old regime (i.e. where no deductions are made from your damages) after 12pm on 28/03/2013


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