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Being injured at work and looking for accident at work compensation against your employer can be a very challenging situation to be in, especially if you continue to work for the same employer with no plans on leaving them. You may be thinking, will making a claim be awkward for you? Could you get the sack? You may also feel that making a claim would be disloyal and that you don’t want to get your employer in trouble. This video featuring Senior Partner, Jeanette Miller includes her retelling her own experience of feeling guilty about being injured and then of her pursuing a claim against her employers back in 1996.

We understand all of these dilemmas and can help you make the right decision for you from here if you call our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers. When you contact us, we are not the typical call centre operation who will hound you forever more just because you have made an enquiry with us. We are happy to answer whatever questions you have about your accident at work compensation injury but with no strings attached.

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JS Miller Solicitor specialises in accident at work compensation. Our team of solicitors has vast amounts of experience in handling all types of accidents which occur in the workplace.

An employer is under a duty to ensure that an employee is not exposed to risk of injury whilst at work. This duty extends to not just ensuring that your place of work is a safe place to carry out your job but an employer also has to ensure that the risk of injury is adequately assessed and training provided.

If your job involves using machinery or equipment, that equipment must be maintained and be in good working order.

Claims for injuries caused by accidents at work are probably the most complex of all personal injury claims because no two accidents will ever be the same. You need a lawyer who will understand how you do your job and then apply the law to the circumstances of your accident.

Over the years our team have dealt with many unusual accident at work compensation claims. Below are some examples of a few of the cases we have successfully pursued. However, whatever the circumstances of your claim, we at JS Miller are hear to listen and do what we can to achieve justice and provide support to you whether we simply answer a few questions you may have or assist you in dealing with a full claim for compensation.

Accident at Work Compensation for a Trip at work

Our client was a lady in her 80’s who worked part time for a local well known convenience store. As she was first in she was walking into the store room and tripped over a cardboard box that had been left by a colleague in a walkway.

She fell onto a bottle of vinegar which smashed and she severed tendons in her dominant hand which caused a permanent injury.

Initially her employers accepted partial responsibility but tried to relate some of the blame to her. We fought against this suggestion and were able to recover £10,000.00 for our client who had to give up work and was no longer able to ride her bike which up until the accident she had used on a daily basis!

Whilst all of our clients would rather not have suffered the misfortune of the accident in the first place, this client was delighted with the outcome achieved by JS Miller.

Inhalation of paint and dust

Our client had worked for a paint spraying factory for almost 20 years. During the course of his employment he was exposed to unsafe conditions whereby he frequently inhaled paint particles and dust.

This resulted in an aggravation of a chest condition and after taking court action we were successful in recovering £5000.00 for our client.

Building site accident

Our client was a labourer on a building site who fell from scaffolding suffering a serious shoulder injury.

Working on a building site means an increased exposure to risk of injury and historically fatal accidents on building sites were commonplace. Legislation in this country has changed over the last 20 years or so to ensure that employees have much greater protection against injury.

We successfully obtained an order for an award of damages of £5000.00 to be paid to our client.

Feel free to check out more information about Building Site Claims.

Defective Equipment

Our client was a trainee baker working for a well known supermarket. He was fairly young when he started work and was given very little training on how to use machinery at work. He was left to work unsupervised on a faulty machine and attempted to remove something that had jammed inside it with his hands. This caused his thumb to be crushed and the emergency stop button failed to operate.

Fortunately the injury was not too serious and our client made a full recovery within a matter of months. We successfully recovered £1800.00 from the employers who were at fault.

We think that selecting the right solicitors is one of the most important decisions you will make in pursuing a claim. For this reason, we want you to take your time and make the right decision for you . That said, most cases have a time limit we must comply with, so we advise that if you do want to bring a claim, you do so relatively soon.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in a number of different industry specific accident at work compensation claims. We have specific pages dealing with some of these areas of specialism Bakery Accidents; Building Site Accidents; Factory Accidents; Repetitive Strain Injury claims; Back Strain Injuries; Broken Equipment or Products; Stress Claims; Needlestick Injury Claims

However, even if we don’t have a dedicated page dealing with your category of claim, we are always interested in talking to new clients so get in touch now for a “no strings” chat.

So, What’s Next?

We have a team of caring professional personal injury solicitors ready to speak to you.

Most cases can be conducted entirely online and over the phone. We can also arrange office, home or hospital visits for clients all over the UK. Subject to level of injury suffered.

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