Free Physio Personal Injury

Getting better after an accident can be even more important to our clients than recovering compensation. Wherever possible, we will not only organise private physiotherapy treatment for you, but we will also ensure that the insurers for the defendant in your claim pay for it on top of any compensation due to you, so you are awarded your free physio personal injury claim.

A physiotherapist we use on a regular basis, Moshe Cohen from M.C. Physio says that early intervention can have a significant impact on the overall recovery you make.

“If you wait for treatment on the NHS there is typically a waiting period of 4-6 weeks, and when treatment is arranged it is only during hospital hours, comprising of a few short sessions and home exercise instruction. In comparison, we provide continuity of care with the same physio treating throughout, usually within a week of your injury being sustained making it far more likely that a chronic condition can be avoided in the long-term. We also offer mobile services at a patient’s home or work or in our Manchester City Centre clinic. A further benefit of not being restricted by the NHS we regularly treat patients with some more alternative modern treatments such as acupuncture. The effects of these medically recognised methods of treating injuries have been described by some of our patients who have had more chronic conditions as miraculous!”

Free Physio For Injury claims

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