Any Legal Query

We believe in helping people. That’s what motivates us! So, if you have any legal query, JS Miller is the firm that will point you in the direction of a solution rather than sending you away “with a flea in your ear” like so many law firms out there.

We can’t promise to take on a legal case for you if we don’t have the relevant expertise to assist you but we can make sure that you are looked after by a lawyer we would choose for ourselves if we were in your shoes.

Legal Questions Answered

Since 2001, we have satisfied our desire to help people with their legal questions and problems by having a network of other law firms with similar service levels to us to refer our own clients to. In the words of the old AA slogan, if we can’t help you personally, we “know a man who can!” (Or woman!!)

We do not charge you anything to contact us and ask for our assistance. If we can help you ourselves, we will. If we can’t deal with your question personally, we will ensure you are sent in the direction of the solution you are looking for…AT NO COST!

What’s in it for us?

In most ALQ cases we don’t make any money so other than knowing we have assisted someone who needed our help, we don’t gain a great deal* from offering this service.

However, every now and then, when we help someone with their query, they remember our help, particularly if they have called several lawyers before reaching our door. We know that we will be on the top of their list if they ever have a personal injury claim and this is exactly what happened with a chap who several years ago called for some advice about a case in America. We found a solution for him and several years later, he referred a friend to us who had suffered a catastrophic injury. The only reason we were instructed in his friend’s case was because of the “no strings” help we had provided to him years earlier. In a nutshell, it is this kind of goodwill and repeat business we hope to receive that makes us offer this FREE OF CHARGE advice service.

*In cases where we refer you to other law firms we may be paid a nominal fee share. We will advise you of further details of this if relevant.

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